About Eric

Eric at keys 1_webPianist and multi-keyboardist Eric Shenefield first had exposure to music from his father, a minister who emphasized performance as an integral part of the worship experience. Starting out, it was the church organist who provided his first lessons which began at the age of eleven. Performances in High School and College studies in the jazz idiom honed his skills.

Now, Shenefield focuses on the imaginative and liberating principles of jazz fusion: an approach which utilizes at its roots the harmony and melodies of jazz with the energy of rock and rhythm of latin influence. He has been playing for nearly forty years and considers his current group to be the culmination of a life spent performing music. His services as a keyboardist, band leader, composer and arranger are available for hire.

With the release of Southwest, Shenefield provides a collaboration that is “for people who want to hear music that is artfully crafted and sonically mixed.” He writes, “Music is a constant re-invention of influences over the course of a lifetime. It is everywhere.  We can create music by what we feel and hear if we are open to those possibilities.” Currently, work is underway on his next CD project.