Southwest CD

The Southwest. Whenever the name is mentioned, images of cactus, desert landscapes, the Grand Canyon or any myriad of likenesses this conjures come to mind. Eric Shenefield’s newest independent release is an especially colorful example of music focusing on the imaginative and liberating principles of jazz fusion. Backed by the efforts of Vinnie Damaio and Todd Chuba on drums, Kyle Nix on bass, Tim Kobza and Joe Young on guitars, Tim Turner on vocals, and Kurt Rasmussen on percussion, Shenefield culminates a life spent performing music into an artfully crafted listening experience which showcases some of the jazz scene’s finest instrumentalists. Whether it’s the hard driving, funky “SK in the House”, the Latin influenced “Itch”, straight ahead “CC’s Cookin’” or the introspective “Sonoran Mystery”, this album has a song that will hit your jazz “note!”  A great listening experience awaits you now with Southwest.

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Southwest Review